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Why Iran is Helping Syria

All living human beings will find comfort in the arms of their friends during any moment of difficulty. During the entire warring period in Syria, Iran has remained steadfast and committed to be a supportive and dependable Syrian ally. Iran in Syria has been of great importance and value to Syria. These two countries may not have too many common interests that they all pursue but it is important that these two governments have come together to help in the regaining of stability in Syria. The move by Iran to help out Syria has been considered a bold one and noble one too.

Syria’s ally, Iran, has continuously provided essential military support over the years. Iran has had these military supplies done by air, primarily. This has been coupled with security and intelligence services. It is clear that they do offer military weapons and other primary military necessities to the Syrians too. The Syrians have been able to receive financial aid from the Iranians. These security and military support offered to the Syrians has made them a little bit stronger. Iran has also shown the willingness to use its military outside its borders to ensure reigning of peace in other countries. It has also come out stronger in its training expeditionary missions. This move by Iran has made it possible for the current head of state not to be overthrown. This is a good move that purposes to uphold the rights of the people of Syria. Iran has been able to further its economic, political and social agenda through this support.

Foreigners hardly have the courage to support a local regime. Iran in Syria has seen it to the support of pro-government militia. Iran being Syria ally has been accepted by these militias. This hospitality has made the operations of Iran within the Syrian borders a lot easier. While on the same issue, Iran has continuously fought both the moderate and extremist factions that are unwanted in Syria. Conquering these factions actually hastens the process of regaining stability. This is not dependent on the person that takes over the government.

The aim of Iran is to ensure that a corridor has been created from Iran to Lebanon. The corridor is to go through Iraq and Syria. The Mediterranean will be linked by this corridor. Weapons, Iranian soldiers and Iranian backed soldiers will be facilitated and allowed to move within the corridor with lots of ease. This will actually help in the realization of the growth of both Syria’s ally, Iran, and Syria itself. Iran will find it even more advantageous since it will find an avenue of growing her influence through this.